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Standard Lab Water Analysis Testing Package | RES-90360

Standard Lab Water Analysis Testing Package | RES-90360

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This Standard Water Testing Package covers all the major cations, anions and physical characteristics that are important in determining what water treatment option will work the best given the water quality. This includes twenty-nine (29) metals and minerals, and seven (7) other inorganic compounds with nine (9) physical characteristics and fifty-three (53) volatile organic chemicals. See below for other available lab test kit offerings.

This product is a laboratory test kit, which is sent in to ResinTech Lab Services for processing. These results are not intended to be used to meet any regulatory requirements or for litigation purposes. Results are for informational purposes only and are useful in determining general water quality and safety.

See data sheet for Standard Water Testing Package here.

Instructions for Standard Water Testing Package

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How To Sample Water for a Lab Analysis

Once you place an order, your testing kit will be shipped out within 2 business days, expedited shipping is available for an additional cost, see below.

Your kit will include sample bottles necessary to collect your sample. The pricing does not include return shipping and overnight shipping may be required depending on the test ordered. Most samples will be tested and reported within 5 business days of receipt except samples that include radiological test, which take longer to report. Turnaround time may exceed 5 business days when the samples are excessively dirty and require additional analysis time or when sample volume becomes significantly high in the laboratory. Once the analysis is complete a final report will be emailed to the address provided in the order or on the paperwork.

Most samples can be expedited and reported within 3 business days or sooner, depending on the analysis. Expedites are available for 50% upcharge on three days and 100% for any sooner. Expedites MUST be pre-approved by the laboratory to ensure the turnaround time can be met. Download and fill out the form below to request a date. Click email at the bottom of the form to send out your request and wait for a response.

Download expedite form here.

WATER SAMPLES MUST BE NON-HAZARDOUS! ResinTech Lab Services reserved the right to reject any samples that appear excessively dirty. Please call for confirmation if there are any questions.


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