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Moti-Vitality Premium Installer Training (*Optional WQA Certification & Travel Expenses)

Moti-Vitality Premium Installer Training (*Optional WQA Certification & Travel Expenses)

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*WQA Certification & Travel Require Optional Add-ons

For less than the cost of one insurance deductible, our 4 week course will provide more actual hands-on training than most new installers will receive in their first 6 months.  The first 3 weeks of virtual training will be the WQA Certified Installer Course and will include:

  • Softener, Filter and RO Basics
  • Proper Drain Connection
  • Pipe Joining
  • Job Preparation
  • Reading a Plumbing Assessment
  • Best Practices
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations

Let them Make Their Mistakes in Our Training Facilities, Not your Customer’s Homes

Following successful virtual training, new installers will visit our state of the art training facility where they will:

  • Install a minimum of 4-5 units (from box to pressure testing)
    • Unit placement
    • Proper drain connection
    • Valve set up and programming
    • Pressure testing
    • Basic trouble shooting
  • Reverse Osmosis install
    • Granite or Marble Drilling
    • Proper Drain Connection
    • Ice Maker Connection

Training for each installer will be customized to focus on the situations your installers are most likely to encounter  If your company mostly uses PEX, your installer will practice with PEX.  If your company uses Pro Press or soldered connections, your installer will install in our facility using those methods.

In addition to a more experienced and confident installer, we will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your installer’s strengths as well as areas that will need more practice.

Premium Installer Course Registration Fee Includes:

  • Tools and Materials

  • Daily Lunch

  • WQA Certification Fees (With add-on below)

  • Travel Expenses Including Local Transportation & Lodging (With Add-on below)

Have 3 or more students?  Call us for additional discounts and customized training.  810-655-9600

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