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Phosphate and Carbon Filters | IFB-06-3390-QC, IFB-12-3390-QC

Phosphate and Carbon Filters | IFB-06-3390-QC, IFB-12-3390-QC

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Residential inline filter for Scale prevention and sequestering with taste, odor, and chlorine removal. Slow Melt Phosphate Crystals and ResinTech ACG40/50-CSAW.

Due to product demand, this product may at times require up to 3 or 4 weeks lead time for processing and fulfillment.

See data sheet and specifications.


  • Scale Prevention: Food grade NSF certified slow melt crystalline phosphate to prevent scale build up in heating, brewing and ice machine applications.
  • Taste and Odor Improvement: Contain ResinTech premium acid washed and Prop 65 certified activated carbons to remove contaminants and enhance the overall aesthetics of drinking water.

Features and Benefits

  • USE OF RESINTECH PREMIUM MEDIA: The technology of the media inside comes from over 30 years of experience as leader in the ion exchange industry.
  • HIGH QUALITY HOUSING: The IF Series filters housing are designed for demanding applications utilizing high quality impact resistant ABS or clear Acrylic materials of construction. All components are bonded without using glues or solvents to avoid unwanted extractables.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: IF series come standard with 1/4-inch quick connect tube fittings for ease of installation. No tools required.
  • CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE: IF series cartridges can be offered in different length for any application. End caps are available in 1/4 inch FNPT.
  • QUALITY PRODUCED AND MADE IN THE USA: As a U.S. based manufacturer, both Aries and ResinTech products are manufactured to the highest quality standards utilizing an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System incorporating traceability of every filter including the media inside.
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