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Moti-Vitality Standard Installer Training

Moti-Vitality Standard Installer Training

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Practice Makes Improvement!

This shorter but still intensive course is perfect for the installer that needs to brush up or wants to learn a new way of installing or a service technician who wants to become an installer. The course includes 1 full day of virtual training and 3 days of onsite hands on at our state of the art Installer Training Facility.

Virtual Training will include:

  • Softener, Filter and RO Basics
  • Proper Drain Connection
  • Job Preparation
  • Reading a Plumbing Assessment
  • Best Practices

Following successful virtual training, installers will visit our state of the art training facility where they will:

  • Receive hands on practice with
    • Multiple methods of tube connection
      • Pex Crimp and Copper Crimp Rings
      • Expansion Pex
      • Pro Press
      • PVC/CPVC
      • Sharkbite
      • EVO Pex
      • Soldering
      • Compression Fittings
    • Proper drain connection
    • Valve set up and programming
    • Pressure testing
    • Basic trouble shooting
    • Plumbing Assessment
  • Reverse Osmosis install
    • Granite or Marble Drilling
    • Proper Drain Connection
    • Ice Maker Connection

Training for each installer will be customized to focus on the situations your installers are most likely to encounter.

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