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Customized Sales Training

Customized Sales Training

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It takes a sales person 2 minutes to say it and an installer 2 hours to do it.

This course is the perfect way to teach your sales professional some of the challenges they can create for an installer when they do not do a proper plumbing assessment or when they provide inaccurate information about a job. This course will include 4 Hours of virtual training and 3 days of onsite training at our state of the art training facility.

Virtual Training will focus on:

  • Softener, Filter and RO Basics
  • Proper Plumbing Assessments
  • Identifying Pipe types and sizes
  • Identifying Best Install Locations
  • Legal & Ethical Considerations

Following successful virtual training, sales professionals will visit our state of the art training facility where they will experience and practice:

  • Plumbing Assessments
  • Water Testing
  • Presentation & Demonstration Including Strategies to Help Close & Earn Referrals
  • Equipment Installation and set up
  • Plumbing identification and connection methods
  • How to Prepare the customer for the install
  • Cost of Mistakes

Your sales professional will return to your place of business with an increased appreciation and respect for the work your installers do. They will have the knowledge to help your installers be better prepared which will not only save you money on installation costs but it may also help harbor a more positive and productive work environment as a whole.

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