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Dilution Kit | ITS-487200

Dilution Kit | ITS-487200

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This kit include all components needed to do a dilution of your sample when the test result is over range for the test kit you are using. For best results the wash bottle should be filled no more than 1/2 full with distilled or deionized water that can be purchased from most grocery or drug stores. For dilutions that require 1.0 ml of water sample or less use the 1.0 ml syringe. For dilutions that require 2, 3, 4, or 5 ml of water sample use the 5 ml syringe. For dilutions that require 10 or 20 ml of the water sample use the graduated cylinder.

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This Dilution Kit includes:

  • 500 ml Vented Wash Bottle
  • 50 mL Graduated Cylinder with seal
  • 1 mL syringe
  • 5 mL syringe
  • dilution instructions

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